Terms & Conditions

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Sewadeecar aims is to provide a safe, trusted and reliable platform for all of our users whether to find the perfect rental car,
or advertise your cars for rent!


1. Sewadeecar is a platform for everyone
The Sewadeecar.com site is a platform that helps you find your perfect car to rent by providing the best search results based on
location, car brand, car model and other search categories available.
Sewadeecar also provides an avenue for anyone wanting to advertise their car for rent whether you are an individual car owner or a car
rental agency. Sewadeecar does not participate in any monetary transactions between the car owner or car rental agency and their customers.

2. Advertisers are responsible for their Ad content and their customers
Whether you are a car owner or car rental agency, once you post an Ad at Sewadeecar, you are personally responsible and liable for each
Ad you uploaded unto the site and hence, you are considered an Advertiser. Advertisers are fully in charge for the end-to-end car rental
process once the customer contacts you via the Advertiser’s contact details listed on the Ad.

3. Users interact at your own discretion
The Users are personally responsible and liable for any interactions made with the Advertisers. Sewadeecar hereby expressly exclude any
responsibility and liability for any loss or damages, or viruses that may infect, your computer equipment or other property as the result of your
access to Sewadeecar’s website, your downloading of any content from Sewadeecar’s website or your use of car rental services posted 
Sewadeecar’s website, or any injury; death; loss; claim; act of nature; accident; delay; or any direct, special, exemplary, punitive, indirect,
incidental or consequential damages of any kind (including – without limitation – lost profits or loss savings) whether based in contract, tort,
strict liability or otherwise, that arise out of or is in any way connected with: any use of Sewadeecar’s website or our content; any failure or
delay (including—without limitation—the use of or inability to use any component of this website for car rental reservations or booking); or the
performance or non-performance by us or any Advertisers, even if we have been advised of the possibility of damages to such parties or any
other party. 
If you notice or have encountered malicious activities by the Advertisers, you may report to us with details below.



1. We monitor and listen
If you see an Ad that violates these guidelines or have any complaints against Ads posted on Sewadeecar;
please e-mail: contact@sewadeecar.com.
Our team monitors the site as well as review reports from our Users to ensure that Sewadeecar is a safe and effective platform.

2. We take necessary actions
If car owners or car rental agencies advertising their respective vehicles fail to adhere to Sewadeecar advertising guidelines, the company
reserves the right to request for any Advertiser to make amendments to their Ads. The Ad may be taken down till the Ad is updated.
Sewadeecar reserves the right to suspend any Users or Advertisers who abuse the site in any manner deemed inappropriate.



The site
Refers to the website Sewadeecar.com

Refers anyone viewing the site or has access to the site, either registered or non-registered users,
registered Advertisers or non-registered Advertisers.

Individual car owners and car rental agencies who post Ads in the site.

Ad / Ads
Refers to Online Advertisements posted on Sewadeecar

Car Rental Agency (also termed Car Rental Agencies)
A company is legally registered in Malaysia as a car rental agency.

Private Car Owner
An individual who personally owns a car in Malaysia.



1. Read each Ad carefully
The Ad should tell you everything you need to know, including details about the car and other information including location,
price and security deposit, if has been charged. It is best to read and compare several ads prior to committing to one Advertiser.

2. Ask questions
If you need further information or clarifications on the car advertised, ask the Car Rental Advertiser for more details.
Below are several important questions to take note of:

  1. Is the vehicle covered by Motor Insurance in the event of an accident, theft and damages? 
  2. Does the vehicle have Passenger Liability Covers for your respective passengers in the vehicle?
  3. In the event of long-term rental arrangements, which party bears the cost of vehicle maintenance as well as wear and tear?
  4. Can the vehicle be used to cross national borders (such as driving over to Thailand or Singapore)?
  5. Are pets allowed on the vehicle?
  6. Is smoking permitted on the vehicle?
  7. Will there be delivery service charges?
  8. Is the vehicle in good condition and able to travel long distances?
  9. Are there late return vehicle penalty charges?
  10. Can anyone other than the renter permitted to drive the vehicle?


(Car Owners / Car Rental Agencies)

1. Be open and responsive to calls & emails
Being prompt in answering calls and questions in an accurate manner show people that you are efficient and trustworthy.
This can help you build good customer relationships.

2. Be honest
Do not post STOCK photos of cars, uploading them as your own. Instead, post real photos of the car you are renting out to give
users a clear view of the car for rent. Do not give dishonest details in your Ad such as overpromising features provided or stating
inconsistent rental prices. Business integrity ensures strong customer loyalty.

3. Do the necessary
Whether it is sending your car for a routine check-up or purchasing a comprehensive motor insurance coverage plan for your car, ensure
you do what is necessary to ensure anyone who chooses your car is getting a vehicle that is clean and in a good working condition.


 *All Terms & Conditions in Sewadeecar.com are subject to change without prior notice.*