How To


Here at Sewadeecar, you can find a variety of cars from private car owners and car rental
companies, offering you the option from cheap car rental to premium car rental services.

Step 1   Select car "Model" & "Location" of where you would like to use the car rental.

Step 2   Click "Search"

Step 3   Once you’ve found your preferred car rental,
you can Contact the Advertiser to make a booking.

Step 4   Meet the Advertiser & check the car’s condition
before you come to an agreement and make payment.

Step 5   Hop on in and hit the road!


Here at Sewadeecar,
we hope you get the best car rental experience without blowing your budget!


How do I amend or cancel a reservation?
Cancellations or amendments can be made by directly contacting the car owner or car rental agency who posted the Ad.

Can I get a quote online without making a booking?
Yes, of course! All Ads display the cars availability alongside their respective prices.

Can someone else other than myself drive the vehicle? 
Yes, they can but you must inform the respective car owner or agency in advance.
The driver/s must also provide their full driving license and any other documentations requested by the car owner for inspection. Additional fees may apply.

What proof of Identification (ID) / documents do I need to bring with me when collecting the vehicle?
All car advertisers on Sewadecar will require to see your driving license, and your Identification Card, name card or business documents from SSM. 
Additional documents may be needed for anyone holding a non-Malaysian passport, even if you have a valid visa. 
Car Advertisers may also request for utility bills, receipt or tenancy agreement for proof of your residential address.

Can I drive if I have a non-Malaysian license?
If you do not hold a Malaysian driving license, you may obtain an International Driving Permit in your country; or if your driver’s license (in English or Malay language) is issued by a country listed as recognized for the purposes of driving in Malaysia, you are permitted to drive in Malaysia (usually up to 3 months). 
However, if your license is not in the English or Malay language, you can find out more about the acceptance of your license here.

Are my personal possessions covered if they are stolen from my rental vehicle?
Some car owners and car rental agencies provide Personal Accident Insurance.
Please ask the individual car advertiser for more information.

Is smoking permitted in the vehicle?
Unless otherwise stated by the respective car owner or rental agency, most cars listed on have a strict non-smoking policy.

Who is responsible for parking fines / traffic offences?
The person renting the vehicle during the time the parking fine or traffic offence occurs is solely responsible for any fines or summons as well as related administration fees incurred, unless otherwise stated by the car owner, or car rental agency.

Which payment methods are accepted?
Cash, cheque, and money transfer are accepted by all car advertisers on Sewadeecar, whether privately owned cars or car rental agencies. Car rental agencies may accept credit cards. The credit card used must be under the name of the primary driver or the credit card owner must be physically present during vehicle pickup.

What if I return the rental vehicle late?
If you return your vehicle later than the time stated on the rental agreement, the car owner or car rental agency may charge a late penalty fee.

What to do if I am involved in a car accident?
Contact the car owner or car rental agency immediately. Ensure you take photos of the other vehicle’s model and number plate.

Can I use vehicle to provide taxi services such as Grab?
Yes. Provided that the respective car owner is notified of this and the car has the right motor insurance insured under the primary driver’s name, as required by Grab. The arrangement should also adhere to any other Rules, Terms and Conditions of Grab. 

(note: Rental price may be higher than the normal rental prices advertised due to the higher mileage, shorter interval period for maintenance such as oil changes, tyre replacements, etc.)

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