Rent A Car

Car rental services have become a cost-effective alternative for individuals to meet their needs.
Here at Sewadeecar, you can find a variety of vehicle from private car owners and car rental companies,
ranging from economy to luxury.
With us, you can always find a vehicle that is best fit for your needs and budget.
If you are not familiar with the process of renting a car, here are the instructions to help you get started.


How to rent a car?

       1. Select the location, city/ town you are in or you wish to visit.
     2. Choose your preferred car’s brand, model.
     3. Set your desired rental price range.
     4. State your rental duration- (daily, weekly or monthly).
     5. If you are a student, you can select“Student Discount” to enjoy either 5% or 10% discount.
     6. If you are a Grab driver, you can include the search of “Grab”.
     7. Click ‘Search’ and our search system will generate the possible number of vehicle matches based on
         the information that you have provided.
     8. Once you’ve found your preferred car, reserve it by clicking “Click To Contact Advertiser”.
     9. Contact the advertiser and confirm the desired date, length of rental, pick-up location and etc.
   10. Meet the advertiser and check the car’s condition before you’ve come to an agreement and make payment.
   11. Hop in and hit the road!


At Sewadeecar, we hope you are getting the best road trip experience without blowing the budget!

how to rent out your
car to earn rental income
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