Advertising Guidelines

Advertising Guidelines

Car rental agencies and local car owners are able to Advertise on regardless of whether the Advertiser has a registered an account with the site.

Ad Title
Title will be automatically filled based on the car brand, model, engine capacity, manufacturing year and colour when vehicle particulars are selected from the drop-down menu.

Uploaded Images

Advertiser should add real photos that are an accurate and real representation of the car for rent. These photos should be photos of one car taken from several angles (three angles for “60 days Free Ads” or six angles for “90 days Premium Ads”). Only .JPG, .JPEG and .PNG images can be uploaded into the site.

Only relevant photos of cars are displayed in this platform. The following photos are not permitted, photos which:

  • Belong to another advertiser, either on, or other sites or listings, and is used without their consent (in accordance to copyright laws)
  • Is reused from any other Ad on
  • Contains unnecessary information such as promotional words (such as “Limited Time Only”) or contact details (such as contact number, email address, external links)
  • Contains images of children.
  • Contains a company logo, watermark, or any other signage.
  • Contains several photos merged together to become one photo collage.
  • Is a stock photo, illustration, or cartoon.
  • The photo is too blurry or the car is too far away to be seen clearly
  • Is confusing (e.g. 3 photos displaying 3 different cars uploaded into one Ad)
  • Is considered offensive (e.g. contains profanity)
  • Contains more than one car in the photo or contains an advertisement of irrelevant products other than cars for rent.

Ad Details

Ad details is a short description providing additional information about the car advertised.
All Ad details should be accurate and true.
Details of the car should be not be copied from Ads provided by other Advertisers (in accordance to copyright laws).
Advertisement details should not contain any offensive or vulgar language.

Car Description

You should place the Ad for your car under the correct car brand, model, body type, transmission, engine capacity, as well as manufacturing year.

Car Features

If you are renting out your car, you should ensure that all items marked in the car features are available with the car, and fully functional, at the time of rent.

Car Modifications

All cars advertised must be original. If there are modifications to the car advertised (such as bigger wheels or engine modifications) this information should be disclosed in the Ad so users have a clear understanding of the car they are renting. 

Accurate Pricing

You should provide the accurate price for each day, week, and month the car is rented inclusive of the amount of security deposit required. reserves the right to take action if car owners and car hire agencies are unable to adhere to the pricing provided on car Ads posted.

No External Links

Your Ad should not contain any external links, even to your own website or social media page such as Facebook or Instagram.

Advertise 1 Car in 1 Ad

You should only advertise 1 car for rent in each Ad. As Car Ads are displayed according to car brands and body types, it will be confusing for users to see more than one car described or displayed in an Ad.

Post an Ad Once

You should not advertise a car more than once. In order to advertise the same car, delete the older Ad before inserting a new Ad for the same car.
Do not post the same Ad using a different name or email as this will be considered spam.

Offensive Content

Ad content or images that could be perceived as racially or culturally sensitive or contains any content that is offensive to individuals, or public figures are prohibited from this site.

Other Ad Rules

  • With the 60 Days Free Ad Package, you can only post 5 free Ads at any one time
  • In order to place more than 5 Ads at any one time, the advertiser will be required to register for the 90 Days Premium Ad Package. reserves the right to conduct the following actions with sole discretion:

  • Remove unsuitable images, and edit or delete any unnecessary search words or promotional words.
  • Request advertisers to amend their Ad to comply with the above-mentioned rules.
  • Decide whether an Ad violates's rules and intent of us.

 * Guidelines & it's Terms & Conditions in are subject to change without prior notice.*